indonesian throwdown.

You may already know this, but...there are a bunch of boring-ass blogs out there. I just clicked around for like 30 minutes wearing an unbudgeable "impress me" scowl.

This experience leads me to believe that this blog is also probably quite boring-ass as well. In fact, I know it is. Look, what's that above, just there? Cubed tilapia and kaffir lime leaves. Big whoop. What's just below us? Andy and Valentina wrapping an unappetizing-looking (but totally delicious) squid, coconut, lemongrass, etc. mixture in banana leaves for steaming.

Bah....whatever. This is the Internet, baby. I done seen that shit already. Then there's the completed version of Mara's always-chompable saté lilit, the only food-on-a-stick in town with no stick. But this too is deja vu, no?

Finally, we have four or five lovely bitches (I mean this in the non-misogynist, appreciative sense...as in, "them there's some fine-ass lovely-headed bitches.") shakin' all manner of thing on the dance floor to the sounds of Gal Costa while fluorescent blue dragonflies hover over their heads. Bah. "Seen it," you say. I know, I know.

Tell me about it...it's a cold world out there. Sometimes I think I'm getting a little frosty myself.



Klary Koopmans said...

not to me it isn't.
boring, I mean.

MEM said...

thank you dear. it's not really boring to me either, so that's two of us.