goin' to the chapel, and...

Actually we already done went to the chapel. And we played the Louvin Brothers, rather raucously. Don't know what Ira and Charlie would've thought of it, but from my point of view it wasn't a disaster. Most people that I talked to afterwards said "I really liked the third song", and that makes sense because I think it's our favorite too.

I'm not mentioning the name of it because it's weirdly unGooglable, as in there must be legal reasons why more versions of it aren't online, if you catch my drift. Regardless, here's the Louvin Brothers' version of "Song 3" if you're curious.

Now, onto another music project for a couple of days (thankfully not requiring any guitar playing...I easily played more guitar last month than I've played in the last 5 years...my hands hate me at the moment), off to Rotterdam to "perform" it, and then...then, we might see some real blogging here and there. Well, at least here.

One thing I wish I'd had time to post about was a week or two of excellent food gifts from friends. Don't know what was going on, but everyone we knew seemed to be cooking up a storm and sending some of the results our way. Cream scones, eggplant parm, banana bread, blackberry pie, pasta alla puttanesca, a real boterkoek from a Dutch mamma....all of these made their way into our kitchen (and stomachs) over the last couple weeks, and it was nice nice nice. Thanks for the grub, everyone (sorry, I'm so tired at the moment that this upcoming exclamation point is 100% feigned enthusiasm)!


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