food, water.

Pretty sure this is a Vegetarian Duck first: live foodblogging from a DJ gig. Don't even ask.

Below, we have some sort of vegetarian wrap; an artichoke tapenade topped with a blueberry (!); and some roe with a lemon creme fraiche and a sprig of lavender? And prosecco. Lots and lots of prosecco. More up-to-the-minute action as it occurs. UPDATE: I missed the vitello tonnato, manicotti (maybe?), and something else warm that looked delicious. I did snag some lovely cured ham, maybe Parma? All thanks to Casa Catering.

The actual content of the event that I'm being lighthearted about here is substantial: the social politics of water governance. I've watched a couple of very compelling speakers talk about the difficulties and unexpected conflicts in areas of true water scarcity. It's (as you might imagine) a situation whose complexity is entirely outside the scope of this site, but I'll try to put some links up here that concisely outline the story.

To sum: we take clean, useful drinking water for granted....and (duh) we should maybe not do that. I heard many interesting things this evening, the latest of which rang true: that our own disconnection from our local water systems (not understanding how our own water becomes useful and gets into our homes) impedes us from truly understanding and empathizing with cultures who aren't as fortunately situated as we are.

All this said? This is no environment for a DJ. I am having serious Corporate America flashbacks.


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