zjft 2017.

Bottom photo: yes that is a herd of sheep sleeping in the bike path at 11pm and all the white dots are their reflecting eyes.

Above: leaving the city on the way to getting lost for the only real time the whole day, but it was untangleable enough for us to miss the first concert. Which, who knows, maybe wasn't a bad thing, the concerts we did see were mostly annoying as fuck due to I don't know quite how to say this so I'll just say assholes.

The couple who asks you to scoop over so they can sit down, and then proceeds to tell every person who stands in front of them, "sorry please don't stand there," and then when the concert starts they barely look up from their concert program that they're loudly rustling the pages of. We almost didn't survive that one.

I could go on. OJH's cowboy hat and dancing. A swarm of photographers probably doing noble things and thinking they weren't really getting in anyone's way, but yeah, they were. Half the venues not having beer or wine, only coffee. Anyway: we did it.

Below: despite smelling like an infected tooth, Hekkum was rescued by having curious cows and one perfectly located picnic table that was thankfully upwind from the center of its decay.

All in all, yes, 38km of ass-crushing, ball-breaking bike riding. All those things but beautiful and challenging, especially the ride home, zooming through the pitch black country night in between a forest on one side and a canal on the other, down a path just wider than our bikes, not being able to see anything except the pile of sheep that didn't seem at all surprised to see us.

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