3: emergency cádiz, part two.

After lunch it was of course siesta time. So we went back to the lap of luxury and swam in the pool in the roof and took not one picture of it cause we're stupie AF.

Siesta time:

Then the plan was to head for the beach and stop on the way for a tapa or two. One of the things that Cádiz is known for is fried seafood, so, you know.

We got to "the place", Freiduria Las Flores, at 19:00 but due to siesta time they wouldn't start frying again until 19:30 sharp, so we waited.

By 19:40 we had a menu featuring mouths of crab and other badly translated delights.

By 19:50 we had giant shrimp and a giant patatas aioli.

Then we had a Sepia Moment on the way to the beach.

So although we made it to the beach, you couldn't really see the sunset, which was still kind of ok because Cádiz is just a nice-feeling city, really uncrowded and lovely for being a city on the water in the truly punishing heat of an Andalusian summer.

Heading back of course the restaurants we wanted to try were closed, but I just kind of assume that's going to be the case in Spain these days. We ended up wandering back to the old town and unexpectedly passing what was supposedly "the one place left in town" where you could still eat ortiguillas, or abalone. Exciting!

My stomach was still soooooo really not ready for adventure (see Day 2's entry) but wtf, I mean, when was the next time I was going to be in Cádiz (Editor's Note: probably in the next six to nine months)?

So this is them:

Thank god there were only 12. Imagine the worst qualities of an oyster combined with the worst qualities of a snail and you're most of the way there. "Dirty-tasting and gritty, moderately awful" is my review. I ate 7 I think just to make sure, god what was I thinking.

Since neither of us was very happy with our 4th meal of the day, we decided to have a 5th. We meandered our way over to La Candela, which I'd say we mostly enjoyed despite the kind of bartender that you know everyone else in the restaurant despises: slow, inattentive, inefficient, distracted, making everyone else's job harder. Very unSpanish.

Oh and they had ortiguillas on the menu, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, in a preparation involving rhubarb and mango and looking 10496% better than the one I'd eaten an hour ago that I could still feel myself tasting an hour into the future. I didn't order this one.

Nelson ended up with a box of roasted vegetables sitting in a kind of sand made from a nut brittle, sounds stupid but was mostly pretty good, and I ordered bacalao with miso and a soft egg in an attempt to try and get the filthy, nasty sea snails out of my mouth, it mostly worked.


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