4: cádiz, bolonia, ronda.

Above: breakfast #2 at La Vaca Atada because it all looked great, that's a dulce de leche croissant. Below: Cádiz's big beach; a rather elegant older man getting ready to sell some fresh seafood on said beach.

Below, Càdiz to Bolonia, supposedly "Spain's most beautiful beach." I don't know about that but it was pretty ok. The water was brutally cold but clear and clean. There were above-average food shacks clustered here and there. I ended up with my third food mistake of the trip so far (1. satan's fried chorizo, 2. dirty sea worms) because of a confusing conversation in Spanish about various squid sizes and their related appropriateness for frying (vs grilling). Basically, the smaller the squid, the better it is for frying, and above a certain size you want to grill it instead.

As you can see above, we had a bit of a miscommunication. That thing on my plate that is the size and shape of a small baguette is "fried squid body."

Then back from Bolonia to Ronda.

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