2: ronda to el puerto de santa maria.

Above: the highlight of the day. Below: the mistake I made, one that would have my sticking my finger down my throat in a public restroom approximately 2 hours later in an attempt to "get it out of me" before it did any more damage: 

The goddamn satanic hot dog looking thing is chorizo frito, and it totally ruined my day, don't know if it was actual "food poisoning" or what, but I didn't enjoy a single thing that happened the whole rest of the day except maybe one or two of my beers and most of the razor clams I ate in an attempt to add "easy to digest protein" to my input.

Between the chorizo and the clams was this odd moment on the road: cranes (storks?) had taken over this abandoned sugar factory. Those massive piles of sticks are their nests.

Then, El Puerto de Santa Maria (slumps shoulders and stares at ground in abject misery and broken-backed defeat). Notice the ortiguillas on the menu (foreshadowing).

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