shday6: san sebastián to madrid.

Decided to stay in San Sebastián for lunch because well why wouldn't you, plus this was our last shot at remotely tolerable weather for a few days. From the pictures it looks like we ate a ton of food but everything is actually very petitely portioned. Breakfast ended up being outside at the mercifully open-all-day Bodega Donostiarra: a northern version of the "crushed fresh tomatoes, olive oil and bread" that is Nelson's standard breakfast when in Spain; a giant-looking but in fact mini tuna sandwich with pepperoncino and anchovy; and a great drink called mosto that we saw the guy next to us order and Nelson asked the waitress what it was: it's unfermented grape juice, olives, lemon, and orange. The new summertime booze-free drink. This seemed like a "real" place for "real" people and it was a perfect breakfast.

Then we watched big waves try to destroy the city for a while and pondered how the river meets the sea and what this means for the creatures living at the border, then we went to Zazpi for lunch and had more giant-looking but tiny things. It also looks like we spent serious dough, but it's Spain yo: that's a €3 risotto with algae and mussels, a €3 ravioli of rabo de toro: and somehow €5 worth of padron peppers. Oh and Nelson's hilarious panachè of tiny vegetables.

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