shday3: dol-de-bretagne to plogoff.

Another long day of driving, almost 7 hours? But not unfun; just lots of slowwww parts due to "recreational vehicles", cyclists, and other assorted obstacles on small twisty roads.

Above: breakfast in the hotel bar in Dol-de Bretagne. Below: the hotel bar itself, which doubles as a horse racing betting parlor, we were just about the only people not boozing it up and/or otherwise ruining our lives at 10am on a Thursday; the stinky stinky Normandic (?) cheese that befouled the car overnight; Pointe Pen-Hir, beautiful and intimidating if a bit overrun with French tourists, when compared and contrasted with the Lost Coast last year where we were totally alone; not an egg on toast but rather the befouling stinky cheese redeeming itself via crusty bread and a yellow cherry tomato, this was our emergency late lunch, picture taken while driving, sorry; view from the hotel room in quaint and quiet Plogoff; my six oysters at the hotel restaurant; my pretty delicious duck gizzard "salad" with bacon and egg at same.

My overall impression of France thus far is: I miss Spain. Or I am looking forward to Spain. Eating in France is very little fun and kind of untransparently expensive compared to tapas culture. I mean I easily eat at less than half these prices in Spain and I can't say the the quality of the raw materials seems to be any better here. But then again beers here are €8 too. And the whole thing is just so serious and heavy.

Oh and I'm sure the attacks could be more cattily personal: The French seem less likely to laugh and more likely to be in bed by 11pm instead of just starting dinner. But hey, hey ok man chill the fuck out it's only day 3. But then again there's only Day 4 left for us to keep giving France a chance.

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