the real thing.


This is not the real thing, this is our first ever gluten-free pasta (corn meal, store-bought). Not bad at all, it's a Romanian brand called Sam Mills (The Corn Master), I think it was €1.89/500g at the Dirk (interestingly, beating AH to the gluten-free punch). The texture was extremely pasta-like, the taste was a tiny bit on the sweet side but in an OK way. This is their penne with more home-dried tomatoes (2.5 hours @ 100C), arugula, gorgonzola, butter, and a little pecorino, an idea worth doing again I thought.


penne with oven-dried cherry tomatoes, arugula, and gorgonzola. 

250g dried gluten-free penne
2 tbsp butter
two big handfuls arugula, chopped roughly
16 oven-dried cherry tomatoes
3 tbsp gorgonzola
grated pecorino for serving

Serves 2.


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