Dinner over at Megasubtiel, Inc. tonight was mega indeed: cucumber gazpacho; scallops in a lime beurre blanc; Ottolenghi's sweet potato wedges with lemongrass creme fraiche, and VDuck sambal green beans prepared to perfection by the hpoes despite my recipe-writing sabotage. A great menu. Then lemon verbena creme brulee. I'm guessing we'll be stealing all of those recipes, or at least the idea that you can have a lime beurre blanc on the same plate with your sambal green beans and that that is a very good thing.

Re sabotage: tonight while hpoes was cooking the VDuck green beans she said "hey, 150 seems a little low for these," and I then realized that when on this website I say to cook something at 150°C, I really mean "150°C", because "150°C" is what you turn the dial on our oven to when you want to cook something at the highest temperature possible, which is not a precise or predictable temperature, somewhere between 200°C and 230°C. But your ovens probably do what you tell them. I'll try to be more precise moving forward.


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