lekker fris.

New Year's Eve, Part One: early morning trip into town to pick up local oysters and try to beat the dazed-looking crowds of zombie shoppers to the Jumbo; subsequent repeated attempts to escape the tiny fucking inescapable maze of one-way streets in "downtown" Nes; a sizable nap.

Part Two: champagne and superlatively fresh Ameland oysters shucked by the superlatively fresh girls of Team Estrogen (above); these are so good and so affordable that they will probably show up again soon (the oysters were pretty good too!!!). Probably the best dish of the week so far: rosemary-roasted figs, shallots and chestnuts with roquefort polenta, plus Hilly's mom's asparagus with tarragon breadcrumbs. All completely worth repeating.

Cut to: a stumble to the beach in a torrential drizzle and near-total darkness to see the bonfire that bulldozers and other heavy equipment had been building all day. A stumble home for lavender and Earl Grey crème brûlée; watching a ridiculous amount of fireworks set off by our neighbors; and a dance performance from Noops that was so funny I was unable to operate my camera. Then we sat transfixed by a profoundly, tragically unfunny comedy for far too long and eventually went to sleepies.


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