mata hari.

As you know, our food photography could be better around here, so I'm looking forward to reading this from David Lebovitz's site.


Went with HBF to Mata Hari in the red light yesterday on a suggestion from Amsterdam Foodie, and it almost immediately got added to the list of "Good Shit to Do" in that hood: open all day; grand-but-cosy bar area; plush, homey seating; and not-the-same-menu-as-every-other-cafe. Plus they have good board games.

The grub itself was not mind-blowing but god we stopped expecting that years ago, didn't we? What we had was totally solid. Below is the plate where our ravioli with squash, Parmesan and scallions used to be. Yes, this is after we ate it: I don't think I've ever seen a cleaner plate returned to the kitchen.

It was the kind of perfectly frigid day outside that probably bumped up our enjoyment of Mata Hari a bit just because we weren't outside anymore, but I'm pretty sure I'll be back when it's more tolerable out as well.

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