Not me, my cooking. My continuing love of all things seafood and pickled, uh...continued some more tonight, I took one of those tricky bags of Cheap Dirk Fish (Alaskan salmon this time) and turned it into an escabeche with cider vinegar, nice olive oil, green olives, red onions, and capers. This is really the perfect preparation for such a strong-tasting fish because the flavors are so darn feisty...you'd never guess that this fish costs something like 3 euros a pound. This is a new staple, it'd probably be great with a dash of ouzo or pastis or something anise-y.

And then I had a failure with those dang kale chips. I think my oven was too hot and I wasn't lavish enough with the olive oil rub beforehand: my chips we a little too brown at the edges and not really cooked enough at the center of the stem. And they were kind of dry....blecch. Luckily 300gr of kale only costs 0.96 euros, so yeah it's OK Mark. I think I'll ask the Staatsliedenbuurt Crispy Kale Queen if she'll give me a lesson this week.

So, backup dinner is necessary, hmmmmmmmm.....


Turned out being a green apple and Hirtenkäse (the cheap version we get is very much like feta but melts much easier) quesadilla. Granny Smith apples are once again proving to be my favorite snack food, you really feel like you're eating something, as stupid as that sounds.


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