OK, so one last blast of alcohol and gluten and socialismizing before a period of thoughtful and rejuvenative asceticism. File under Menu Planning, please.


mussels in escabeche.
crostini of endive (witlof)/onion/balsamic compote with warm goat cheese.

seared scallops with pomegranate reduction and beurre blanc; arugula salad with pomegranate-balsamic vinaigrette.

codpiece time capsule: MSC cod with cajun spices; corn/scallion/red pepper relish; calvados/crayfish cream; roasted garlic mash (here).

grand marnier souffle with maple infusion.

bundled up collabradoodle friends biking 20 minutes home in the relentless Siberian frost.


belgian endive compote.

2 Belgian endives, julienned
2 biggish onions, sliced thin
2 to 4 tbsp butter
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp sugar
salt and pepper to taste

Melt butter over low heat in saucepan. Add endive and onion, caramelize for 30 minutes over lowest heat possible, flipping pile over every 5-10 minutes. When almost all liquid is gone, add balsamic and sugar, continue to caramelize for 10-15 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste, chop compote into whatever form factor you need, or maybe you could have done this at the beginning if you'd known what you were going to be using it for.

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