day two.

Once or twice a year I consider writing about something different in this space, something more real, or real in a very different way than this is usually real, and I'm having that feeling again right now. I assume it's that there's something I really need to "write my way through" at the moment, and I've almost always learned something from reading other people's attempts at doing this.

It'll be an experiment and it'll hopefully start very soon.


There's still dinner to think about, as always. All I've had today is a couple morsels of chicken and some almonds and some tea. I need to get to the store but I've been procrastinating for hours about taking a shower and putting on clothes (possibly one of the "areas for improvement" we'll talk about soon)...I finally got the shower done a few minutes ago, and...yes, ok, it was a very good idea that should've been looked at sooner.

The next step will hopefully bring me to the store and then we'll have something extraordinary for dinner. Or, you know, something.



Mae | Postcard Printing Services Online said...

Procrastination is really one of the habits that we must learn how to fight. Or we might just starve all the way. Beat the enemy and maybe you'll have a great meal tomorrow.

MEM said...

Wow, if that's spam that's one of the best I've seen. I'm going to leave it up here just out of respect for the coding. But don't no one click on the author please.