I really don't want to waste any more time thinking about the unexpected 6 hours I spent troubleshooting our new DSL modem this morning/afternoon. I'll hopefully think of something better to waste my time with here after a bit of productivity.


I'm not sure that I really accomplished that. I did do a bunch of studying, though. And now I'm watching some incredibly poisonous TV that is somehow the first thing that's made me feel better in days. I was doing other things while they were on, but I semi-watched Millionaire Matchmaker and Hardcore Pawn. And of course I saw previews for 6 other "documentary/reality" shows....holy fuck. I hadn't realized just how pervasive and powerful America's love of gawking at mean, sad, mediocrity had become, I guess myself included.

And then I thought about making these but they required about three times as much work as I wanted to do, so I just had an egg with a little maple syrup and salt, which worked out just fine.


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