vegetize me.

Above, an irrelevant but delicious taleggio/sundried tomato/basil/chive/black pepper knackepizza.


Just a note: spinach salad with hard-boiled eggs, candied pecans, red onions, a tiny bit of gorgonzola and warm bacon dressing is a great great thing. How could we do a vegetarian version of this?



Zora said...

Miso dressing, with a dash of liquid smoke?

MEM said...

hey mama!

i would say yes immediately if not for the miso/blue cheese combo...? but i've never tried it. do those two like each other?

Klary said...

make the dressing with sundried tomatoes and smoked paprika.

Zora said...

Oh, yes, overlooked the blue cheese. There may be some rivalry in their respective fermentations. I like Klary's idea of paprika for smokiness. I know I've used that quite successfully in salads.