evil twin.

Two new beer places finally visited last night: Beer Temple and Cafe De Spuyt.

Well neither place is really "new": Beer Temple's probably been there a year or two and de Spuyt has supposedly been there for 50 years.

I wish I'd gone to de Spuyt much much sooner, it's my kind of room: dark wood and red walls, seats at an actual bar, and 100 interesting beers. It's been on my list of recommendations for a long time, so it was good to verify that it's totally worth recommending.

Beer Temple is quite different, run by the Arendsnest people and focusing on American microbrewed ales. The ambience is fine, a bit sterile but at least it's nice and dark. Prices are a little expensive, but most of these beers can't be found anywhere else in this neck of the woods, so it's all about priorities. One extra nice thing about Beer Temple is that for snacks they offer unusual trappist cheeses and some bootykicking chorizo from Frank's Smoke House.

It was all, yes, you guessed it: nice.


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