I just found out that the recordings of last night's gig were stolen. WTF.


Above: the view from our window.  I wish this picture had sound so you could hear the drumming and ululating that was going on

Still not blogging, obvs. Still in the grip of unusual angstlessness. Maybe it's this new hash I'm smoking. But maybe it's other stuff!

There is a whirlwind of activity ahead for Sgraffito + Ptomaine (our buddy-cop movie aliases) : I'm working on preparing for these gigs and other stuff, and it looks like the brown one is heading on the road for fun and adventure (and, crucially, cold hard cash) with Ze Ex.


Jeroen said...

ze brown one?

and: explain your nicknames..

and: what's something else?

and : go frikkin' yo'self

MEM said...

ze brown one = mara

nicknames came from a spelling bee that we used to go to at a great bar in Atlanta called the Stein Club, now gone.