Finally went to see Inception yesterday at Studio K in the Oost, and I must recommend the entire experience. I think it was the loudest yet best-sounding movie I've ever seen, and looked amazing too. Go to Studio K.

But don't order any food before the movie unless you're there really really really early. We ordered a piece of cheese with a red onion compote, and within a half hour it still hadn't shown up so we left without it.

After the movie instead of not eating a piece of cheese with red onion compote, we went to Langendijk for a hamburger that our own Klary Koopmans had recommended as being "not bad at all".

We had some beers and split the burger: totally delicious, we wished we'd each had our own instead of splitting one. As a caveat, they were not exactly like your standard American cheeseburger: bun was crusty instead of soft, meat was highly seasoned, there was a garlic mayo on the side, mature Gouda under the patty, no ketchup bottle on the table, etc. But very good nonetheless. Next time we should really combine it with a trip to their next door neighbor:


My last post was cryptic to the point where I got a couple of emails about shit not making sense, so I shall elaborate:

1) Gig recordings: I had a gig Monday, a pretty good one we all agreed, considering we'd never played together or talked much about what we were going to do. I think what cursed us was when O.J. came up to me after and said "sounds like you guys got a nice demo now". Mere hours later, the guy who did the recording had his bag stolen on the train to Den Haag, recorder inside, recordings still on it.

2) Sgrafitto Putti and Spider Ptomaine were aliases that Mara and I used for a few years after the Stein Club Orthographic Meet (spelling bee) in 1996 or 1997.

3) Mara is also The Brown One (although sometimes I am referred to as The Brown Man). She is most probably going on tour with The Ex as their Merch Monkey for a few weeks in England, Scotland, Wales, and France. Aside from the wonderful bonding experiences that can develop on long van rides through Europe, this also means cash flow, and...we poor, so fingers crossed.

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