Back on MFSDxiv. Which was actually THE most successful diet I've ever undertaken. I lost more than a few kilos. Didn't look totally gross and blobby at the beach. Felt good. Now wearing clothes that haven't fit for years, thus validating my having kept them around. Learned how to use some new ingredients, made some pretty tasty food. So I'm back on for a couple months. Exceptions would be upcoming dinners at Fenan Klein Afrika and Marius.

Critical Success Factors: 0) no alcohol 1) no sugar 2) no grains 3) no eating after 9pm 4) daily exercise. Go me.


Another Critical Success Factor would be 5) developing a homemade jerk seasoning recipe that didn't have any sugar in it. Tonight, just getting back into MFSDxiv, I marinated some Cheap Dirk Fish in Walkerswood jerk (2 tbsp Walkerswood to 2 tbsp olive oil to 600gr Alaskan wild salmon, do NOT add any additional salt) and broiled for 20 minutes. A little too long, but this fish isn't good enough to eat underdone.

I ended up with a completely doable Jerk Product that was enjoyable as it was, but would've been way more enjoyable if I knew that it was completely in line with MFSDxiv.

So I try to recreate from scratch.


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