gairo vecchio.

I'm just naming my posts after the places we went because it's totally ludicrous that there is almost NO information on these places written by a native English speaker on the net, which means that I am suddenly and ludicrously in a position of potential authority.

I hope to soon add some informative and well-written native-sounding English to this post. Just as soon as I finish doing that to the last three (but why stop there? ahahahaha).


Gairo Vecchio is a town in Sardegna that was abandoned in 1951. Because of landslides. When we visited? We were the only people there.

This was good, because the place is crowded with fig trees, and they're ripe. These were the best figs I've ever tasted, I would imagine because we were picking them right from the tree. The blackberries were pretty good too.

Here's a nicely-done bit of background on the situation. We took almost 300 pictures when we were there, so the visual side of this post will begin expanding shortly.



Klary Koopmans said...

guiro or gairo? you know, for future googlers.

MEM said...

Maybe that's why it's unGooglable, a an unconscious conspiracy of typos. Thanks, champ...it's fixed now.