linger on.

Must. Get. On. With. Life. Summer. Over.


It's just that I have these 4.5 million photos we took in Sardinia. I'm guessing I need to wrap up this portion of the blog, but...there are so many things we haven't discussed yet!!!

Daily espresso overdoses (above).

Remo's car-battery-powered spit (that's a leg of lamb being roasted over charcoal):

Crodino and coffee at the Hotel Belvedere in Lanusei:

Pane guttiau demonstrating how the simple addition of olive oil and sea salt makes it way better than the frankly disappointing regular ol' pane carasau:

Impossibly treacherous uphill driving; hazelnut and pistachio gelato; not seeing the supposedly breathtaking Grotte di su Marmuri in Ulassai.

The hike down from Altopiano del Golgo to Cala Goloritze:

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Zora said...

Love the spit! Forwarding to in-house tinkerers right now...