orpheus mirror.

We're in one of those very busy periods that happen a couple of times a year: basically just before vacation season or about a month after a general return from vacation. That means February, June, October, and December. 

"Busyness" in this case has to do with gigs, lots and lots of gigs. Your gigs (setting up for my Sunday gig at Outline is pictured above), your friends' gigs, gigs from "foreign bands" who are coming to town ("the Chicago guys" just blew through town, always fun because they're generally the nicest guys on the planet, and I'm going to see Neko Case, Marc Ribot, and Animal Collective in the next month...an unusual amount of "big name shows" for "me").

Nonetheless, I do find time to think about food here and there. Last night's relaxation browsing involved the This is Why You're Fat site, and I must say, that is not why I'm fat. I haven't eaten anything that gratuitously fatty in a long time.  Overall, it's not really my kind of food, there's lots of terribly gross crap out there, but some things that looked actually good included the Heart Attack Sandwich, Loosiana Gator Dog, and the Bacon Donut. 


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