chow down, wide load.

We've been in overdrive over here...a totally unproductive, sleep-deprived, weather-subdued, budget-constrained, vegetarian overdrive. Two days in a row we've succumbed to "comfort food" needs and dove headfirst into big piles of steamily inviting pasta for lunch.

And fallen dead asleep 45 minutes later, making me realize just how little refined flour I consume anymore (this was "normal" pasta, not whole wheat). Above is Tuesday's super custom lasagna pillow from Mara: no-bake noodles with some roasted red peppers, ricotta, gorgonzola, and marinara sauce. It filled a need I was experiencing.


What should we be eating instead of energysucking refined grains? This duck finally braved the hostile territory of De Natuurwinkel in order to replenish his supply of good grains like spelt. Which is not farro


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