son of the beach.

Or, What I Did Today. I was at the beach for 8 hours because of a change in bus schedules. That no one told me about. True, there are worse places to be stuck for 8 hours, aren't there. Only potential drawback would be my newly bright pink exterior.

But in the More Germane department: look at the size of this salad.

The fork and book provide useful points of reference (the book is Michael Cunningham's Specimen Days, which is worth reading...although, if you zoom in on this photo, you can see that this book includes the phrase "a spasm of white-hot rage", which is not indicative of the quality of the writing in general). The salad is smoked salmon, crayfish, sea beans, chives, and a lemon-dill dressing. Degree of difficulty? Low. Serving size? Bordering on overload (what kind of wuss am I, can't finish a salad for chrissakes). Would've been pretty perfect though if someone had just spent a tiny bit more time washing the lettuce. This all went down at Zilt aan Zee at IJmuiden.

And then later? I saw a boat decorated in the style of the Jordaan.

And finally I saw a Summertime Cat.


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