Had a rather crap day at the beach. Beautifully sunny for much of the day, but a constant strong and swirly breeze (I checked, that's the right word) tormented us throughout by alternately pelting, showering, or drizzling sand onto/into all of our exposed areas. Frequently resulting in the following face being made:

The top photo was taken just before the only bus on this road blew by us without stopping. I'm sure it just looked like we were location-scouting for a movie shoot or something, certainly we weren't waiting for the bus, you sad vindictive powermad bus-driving fucker.

Once we actually managed to board a bus, the ride home was the highlight of the day, during which we shared an MP3 player and made ourselves feel better by ridiculing our fellow travelers. You would have done the same thing: look at how crabby we were.


The night before, we watched something that can't have been happening in too many other places around the globe: The European soccer semi-finals accompanied by live free improvised music. This was the monthly Brokkenavond, and the organizer decided that if The Netherlands were in the semi-finals, no one would come to the show. So she combined the two, and it was an unexpectedly fun mash-up. Poor Turkey, they completely dominated Germany and still managed to lose.

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