tomato clearance.

I said a couple posts ago that I didn't like tomato juice. Usually this dislike applies to raw tomatoes as well, unless they're in a salsa or have been otherwise acidized.

The little guy above is an exception, he dropped by last night with about 30 of his buddies, and well we showed them a good time. Rather we showed them our version of a good time, which involved eating every last one of them. On sale now in the Everything Must Go section at De Avondmarkt.


In other almost-tomato-related news: last month when I was in Atlanta, I went to El Rey del Taco on Buford Highway and didn't take any pictures. One of the things I didn't take a picture of was Steve's hangover remedy, the Michelada. It was almost really good, but I would've sworn that there was tomato juice in it, because it gave me Bloody Mary flashbacks. Guess it was just Worcestershire.

Nothing but the hottest news stories here, folks.


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