de avontuurlijke surinaamse keuken.

Finally, I found a first-class, professional, good-looking Surinamese cookbook (and for only €14,95). Quite a relief, b/c it means that I don't have to write a Surinamese cookbook. Nice job, men (and womens).

Here's the website.


Unlike most Suriname cookbooks I've come across, there's a good bit of background information here about ingredients and where recipes came from. I really wish that I'd read it when it came out back in 2005, because it would've saved me a great deal of Speculation Time.

For example, there are a few pages that explain everything that goes into a proper moksi meti (including a useful tidbit about fa chong meaning two different things in Suriname and China), a discussion about what goes into a Surinamese masala mix (fewer ingredients than something like a garam masala); an explanation of how canned sardines serve as the Break Glass in Case of Emergency food (and which brands are preferred); and the following handy explanation of the habanero/adjoema relationship:

There's lots more where that came from. Haven't tried any of the recipes yet, of course I will report back here as soon as I do.


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