st.-malo: kouign amann.

Lipitor, here I come, Part II. The always-informative David Lebovitz has a nice bit on the miracle of caramelization known as Kouign Amann I'm holding here (including a recipe). You'll find it here. He's also written a very helpful Guide to Tipping in France which I took as gospel.

Friends and family do not be concerned, I am not eating this whole thing...I could only buy it in the one size (too big).

The time has come for me to decide what foodstuffs to bring back with me. The most suprising and educational things I've eaten here have been the butter and the oysters, neither of which should transport well. I've had some excellent ciders and a great beer made from buckwheat:

However I don't really have enough space to bring home a bunch of booze. We'll see what I can work out.

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