playing catchup.

Quite a week here. Or more, maybe. Let's see, the last little hazy block of hazy activity started on a very long, beautiful, and even occasionally hazy Saturday. It began with a last-minute semi-surprise visit from our friend Tony from Berlin, and a subsequent nice market walk and unexpectedly good Italian lunch (ravioli with truffle, eggplant, and sage for me...nice!), and then a brief pause in the sun and a KitKat:

This lunch could've been a serious misstep, as we had a dinner to go to 3 hours later, but a quick nap proved restorative. So, off to a lovely light dinner at another friend's place (tilapia with lemon/caper sauce, salad, and frites for me)...no photos of this; and then a 65th birthday party at the Muziekgebouw which was frankly a little too crowded to really enjoy (the pictures below are from the significantly less-crowded afterparty and then the seriously-uncrowded parking garage at 4am), and thus required experimentation with high-dosage alcohol scenarios (white wine, cognac, and Grimbergen dubblelen for me, a mixed success):


Sunday consisted of hangover management via who knows what. Call it a day of rest. Monday was also relatively low-key...Tuesday involved a dinner down the hall at Andy's (gin and tonics, a beautiful minestrone, spaghetti with garlic shrimp and parmigiano-reggiano, and creme brulee [being torched by Mara in the first pic above] for me), followed by Tuesday night jazz, excessive beers, and then a couple of days off from all manner of social contact.

BTW, that is a real, authentic Konono No. 1 hat Mara is wearing. Like, from Africa


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