back in the saddle again.

After passing within 1km of the Eiffel Tower yesterday during a brief layover in Paris, I have now returned to Moep Centraal, and I must say it was just in time: the wear and tear on my linguistic and gastrointestinal systems had reached its limits....in fact, my tummy is still recovering. So much so that I am currently unable to appreciate the booty which I lugged back with me:


Butter with Smoked Sea Salt from Jean-Yves Bordier:

Bordier has been referred to as "the butter darling of the French gastronomic scene", but frankly I didn't actually realize how well known this butter was until after I brought it home: all I knew was that the butter I'd been eating in Brittany was the best butter ever, and Bordier's shop was supposed to be the place to get it.

I didn't want to get too much of it because I had a 12-hour day of travel ahead of me, and wasn't quite sure how I was going to get it home without it melting (luckily I had a MacGyver moment and concocted a Butter Transport Device out of two bags of frozen french fries, it worked perfectly).

Haven't really had an opportunity to taste it yet because of stomach rebellion. France Magazine has a detailed article about this butter here.


Beurre d'huitres de Cancale from La Cancalaise.

As I mentioned earlier, the most impressive things I ate in Brittany were Cancale oysters and butter. This combines both of them, basically "oyster butter". This line of products comes from a chef in Cancale named Daniel Ledoult, more info if I dig some up. I also bought his Rilettes of Mackerel with Calvados.


Tartare d'algues from Bord & Bord.

I picked this up at Bordier's shop, it's basically a seaweed tapenade or relish? Designed to be spread on bread with butter or drizzled over fish. More on this to come, but here's the product page in French.


Confit de
Mirabelles a l'Edelzwicker et au Cumin.

This is also from Bordier's shop, made by a company called L'Epicurien, it's kind of like a chutney made from Mirabelle plums designed specifically to be eaten with a seriously stinky Muenster cheese. Edelzwicker is a white wine from Alsace. Looking forward to this very much.

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