gastrobar ron.

My extra-luxurious birthday present from Megasubtiel Corp. (and Groupon) this year was lunch at the recently Michelin-starred Ron Gastrobar. It was, well, many things, but mostly it was a slightly surreal and great afternoon well-spent with the folks from Megasubtiel (including their supremely well-behaved and generally amazingly placid new hire) in a restaurant environment about which I literally have nothing bad to say.

Will we ever be able to do it again in total pimpish style like we did today (considerably less than half our lunch is pictured here)? Mmm...not any time soon, even with Groupon's help. Will we come back relatively soon and sit at the bar for, say, one €15 plate of really really good deboned BBQ spareribs and a shockingly affordable (for Amsterdam and Michelin) superlekker gin and tonic? This sounds extremely likely.

Pictured below: view from the table; view from my seat; Gin & Tonic menu; oysters; smoked eel from Rokerij Eveleens "in het groen" with leek salad and red quinoa; uitsmijter with fried mushrooms, an egg over-easy, and duck liver confit; pan-fried salmon with lentils, eggplant, and capers; deboned BBQ spareribs with smoked beet, homemade sambal, and horseradish (this one's a cellphone pic); my dessert of really good chocolate cream puffs with Bailey's ice cream and banana; J-Kim's dessert of guava, cream cheese, and some other small things I couldn't really figure out; and the grand finale of cosseted baby foot served in an organic wool footie.

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