confiture de lait.

Ja, not a whole hell of a lot going on in the kitchen these days. Today I'm making dulce de leche for the first time b/c, well...nothing else really sounds good. Apparently there are a couple possible ways to make this, I'm going for the least potentially explosive one.



Clara P said...

Hola, I can help with the dulce de leche business as Im argentinian!
ANYWAY, just a question. Im moving permanently to Amsterdam in 3 months and even though I ve been there several times, I was wondering if you could help me.Im a vegetarian/vegan/raw chef and I would like to know if you know any restaurant or recommend for me to work there. I 'd really appreciate it.

MEM said...

hola clara, actually my dulce de leche turned out just fine! although i probably could have gone even darker/longer with it, it was getting that curdled look so i chickened out. but whisking totally made it look ok again.

ANYWAY: welcome to amsterdam! sadly i don't know of any good purely vegan/vegetarian restaurants here, amsterdam is really just beginning to have a restaurant scene that appreciates careful, sophisticated, affordable cooking.

there are a couple of restaurants i've been to lately that seemed to really know what they were doing with vegetables: BAK and Ron Gastrobar come to mind, especially BAK, but yeah they both also served meat.

let me think about it some more, if i come up with anything i'll post it here...


Clara P said...

Thank you so much!!
Im glad your dulce de leche turn out ok.
I'll keep coming to your blog, so if you happen to remember a place or anything just le me know.
Thanks again and very nice blog!!