i like the nightlife.

Well this was pretty much the final point of my Atlanta stay that was an unqualified success, some time Friday morning. This is a turkey carcass that literally has my name on it. Like I walked up to the fridge, saw it in there and said "Oooh, that has my name all over it", and Jeanie Jeanie was conveniently right there to say "It literally does have your name on it". And it did.

For the rest: how do I say this to myself in a believable way. Go back to the happy places from this month-long adventure and try to bring those things here, because for a couple weeks there it really seemed like you were on to something. Oh yeah, and avoid situations like this one pictured below, you idiotic man, there is no good reason for you to be anywhere near O'Neill or taxicabs at 4am, you stupid fucking dick.


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