cuisses du canard.

Above: the frills of having a zero-profit record distribution business continue, in the form of more free entertainment, this time from the all-star Ellington band. Last night's sets included a totally unexpected and thoroughly heroic vocal by Mr. Elliptical himself, Michael Vatcher, as well as paint-peeling solos from special guest Peter Evans. And no drinking by me, also pretty heroic if not entirely unexpected.

This morning's breakfast involved the below "Xmas Special" Dirk purchase: 4 confit duck legs for 10 bucks, that's the cheapest game in town ha get it, game, so I'ma 'bout (btw, a totally unintuitive and difficult punctuation for a very natural colloquialism, but I do believe that it's right. You can also say "I'ma do this", so the "a" isn't really the a from "about", it's an a that replaces "going to", I know, I know, but you also know that we think about these things) to go get another can to get me through the dark days of late January. No, you are correct, cans of duck confit are not in the reduced grocery budget, but I'm thinking of it as the €10 I didn't spend on beer last night.

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