the docket.

So Pitts was briefly overcome by some kind of stomach virus, thus cooking and eating has been put on pause. Above is some of the last actual meal I cooked, last night's roasted cauliflower with capers and raisins and aged Gouda from Amsterdam.


Here's what needs cooking: chicken parts; cod; mahimahi; kale; sweet potatoes; salmon; a whole ham; lots of frozen shrimp. Lemons from a neighbor's tree. Salsa verde from Manuela the cleaning lady.

One thing I want to do before I leave is try to make arroz con pollo for mia madre. It was always her favorite Mexican dish at this place back in Atlanta and, this will surprise no one, I like the idea of trying to recreate something nostalgic. It's also one of these recipes for which there are a thousand variations, and yes additionally it's a dish I've never actually tasted myself, so some interview-type questions will be necessary (was the rice yellow or red, were there peas and/or bell peppers in the rice, what cut of chicken was it, was the chicken browned, ect ect ect).

UPDATE: Answers for above questions: rice was white; there was a reddish sauce; no peas or peppers; it was a mix of white and dark meat, shredded.

Tomorrow: cod something with rice, probably Spanish. a better version of this but with fresh cod not dried.


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