field research.

Had them ol' Clean Livin' Sleepless Blues again last night, so I did the right thing and went for a long walk this morning. Above, 6:55am. Below, 7:15am; that cactus is actually a cleverly-disguised cell phone tower.

Preserving saguaro cacti is a big deal out here, and it's not uncommon to see the local government go to great lengths to nurse ailing older specimens back to health. So when my mom was driving home one day and noticed some scaffolding being erected around this one she didn't think much of it. Weeks went by, and every day she passed it, it seemed like more and more effort was being poured into its resuscitation, and she was suitably impressed, thinking wow they're really giving it their all.

One day she was walking by with the boys or the dogs or some other entity she's responsible for keeping alive, and she got a closer look. Not a cactus at all.


I've mentioned the incredibleness of Lee Lee. This is an example, a big bag of pre-shredded fresh green papaya for $0.89.


This. This is from Wal*Mart. Note the runneth-over-ness.


Klary said...

peaut butter lovers cup.. oh my.
also, I'm growing fond of that checkered placemat.

Klary said...


MEM said...

yo peanut
maaaaaybe i'll be able to do whatever advanced math/scheduling would allow me to bring some of these home without weighing 400 pounds by the time i get there...