It might not be the prettiest plate of food you've ever seen, but this is my favorite thing from what I think is probably my favorite restaurant on earth, the New Mexican Platter at Richardson's. What they do isn't terribly sophisticated, but man they just push all my right buttons every time. Of course maybe that's because I always order the same thing. From right: green chile chicken burro, chile relleno, red chile pecan-smoked beef tamale, rice, beans, green and red chile sauce everywhere. Despite its sublimityness, I only ate about 26% of this plate, believe me it was the wisest course of action. The rest is in the fridge. In fact I just now gave my little self a papercut "looking" at the leftovers.



Roving Gastronome said...

Wait. I am confused by the collision of my NM and Amsterdam experiences. What is the connection between this place and the Rokerij coffeeshops in Amsterdam? Are you telling me those coffeeshops are run by my New Mexican peoples?

MEM said...

I agree it's disorienting. The guy who owns Richardson's and Dick's Hideaway spends a fair bit of time in Amsterdam and when he opened a new smokehouse he called it the Rokerij as a tribute to the Amsterdam coffeeshop....that's all I knows!