who's good.

Took a nice long healthy walk today like a good boy. Above: a view from the library. Below, mmm...somewhere on Prins Hendrikkade.

I was walking just to be walking, outside, during the day, but I had of course forethoughtedly already rewarded myself by destinationizin' wisely.

I returned home with what is probably the only reasonable approximatation of American-style pastrami in Amsterdam (just 100 grams' worth) and a mackerel. But they do have some things we should maybe get for Ameland (a petite wheel of smoked camembert, for example)...



Anonymous said...

How do you rate that pastrami? Didn't see the smoked camember when I went there to have some of their salm...sounds like a good excuse to visit again :)

MEM said...
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MEM said...

ciao gabriele
well....taste-wise, great. very nice smokiness, good briny tang, not too salty. pretty realistic for europe.

texture-wise...it's extremely lean, like zero fat. and so i missed some juiciness. any juiciness actually.

it was also sliced very thin, which led to an almost papery feel. so the next time, and i imagine there could be a next time, i would ask them to cut thicker slices, and i would yeah add a little fat during the chomping process (mayo or butter i guess).

it's such a great place in theory, but every time i go there i'm just blown away by the prices and end up getting like 1/13th of what i've been fantasizing about on my way over there.

nnnnnnnyway, thanks for stopping by!