This morning I indulged in two of my dreamtime obsessions simultaneously. I had, of course, killed someone, as I do about once a month in my dreams. It's never malicious, or at least it's never premeditated, and it's often in self-defense.

The killing part is usually the short part of the dream: the long part is the disposal of the body and/or fleeing of the crime scene. Usually it takes the authorities anywhere from 12 hours to 12 months to start looking for me, and then I'm "on the lam" as they say. 

This morning's episode was an especially surreal variation: I woke up at 5am or something and was browsing around Ye Olde Internet before going back to sleep. For relaxation purposes, I'd been reading a bunch about Texas BBQ and how you pretty much can't get all of the best stuff in one spot, you kind of have to drive around to little towns throughout central Texas. 

So when I did finally manage to fall back asleep, naturally my post-murder fleeing of the police was combined with a tour of central Texan BBQ joints. In a parking lot, eating brisket in my car, hunkered down in the driver's seat so the flashing blue lights wouldn't illuminate my face, knowing my sauce and debris-obscured fingerprints were completely untrackable should I have to ditch the car for any reason. 


I´ve been thinking about southern food a lot, must be the unsouthern weather here.

Shrimp Remoulade.
although Commander's Palace's version is served on marinated hearts of palm with Creole tomatoes, tarragon and a spicy lemon dressing.
Crawfish Cornbread.
Brigtsen's Red Beans and Rice.
Smoked Duck and Pepper Jelly Sandwiches.
Cochon De Lait Cajun Pulled Pork.
Bourbon and Caramel Tiramisu



meglander said...

i'm as texan as chicken fried steak...living here in amsterdam. it's not even 10am and i'm drooling over the thought of eating smoked boneless pork ribs while my neighbors munch on yogurt. you can take the girl out of texas but you can't take texas out of the girl.

MEM said...

and you shouldn't take texas out of the girl. sorry about the drool, i made my own self drool as well, and so i might even be heading down to kema vlees on kinkerstraat to buy a pork shoulder today....