sound, fury, etc.

A long week of performing and seeing other people perform, and as often happens in those situations, too much drinking and smoking and staying out late and generally acting irresponsible. On the upside, good and very good things were done and seen!!!

Actually I'm pretty sure no amount of exclamation points can really help at this juncture. But above is just Leidseplein, where they're just building the Xmastime skating rink and where I find myself changing trams even more often than usual now that I've lost my bike.

I spent a lot of time in alleyways it seems. This was Wednesday night's alleyway, outside OT301. Note the graffiti cat. In addition to a few DJ sets from me, this evening also featured a leisurely walk home with the lovely and talented P-Woe (cover art) and Duke Garwood (univibed feedback), and a mercifully brief stop at the Maloe Melo until they closed at 3. Really, at 3am on a Wednesday, I'm pretty sure you cannot do much better than the ol' "Home of the Blues".

This was Thursday night's alleyway, an alleyway that I associate with massive stress and typically equally-massive relief/triumph: it's just outside the Theater Frascati where our pieces seem to always premiere. But Thursday I was thankfully a just a normal viewer, going to see Tom and Keren's To Band.

Which turned out to be the most emotionally satisfying theatergoing experience I've had to date (I've had about ten, not including my own, which is yis I know not so many). Not personally knowing anyone in the 12-21 age group, somehow it gets real easy to be an old person who thinks "kids today" are uniformly shitty and stupid, and that yeah it wouldn't be the worst thing ever if the rising oceans swallowed all human life after my friends, family and I are gone, especially if 48% of current human life didn't immediately recognize Mitt Romney as a soulless corporate golfer.

Anyway, this pretty unpleasant anti-youth bias was thoroughly decimated Thursday night, at least temporarily. I only wept intermittently for like the first 20 minutes of the show.


So. And this will surprise almost no one I imagine, now begins one of those regularly-occurring periods of attempted asceticism and healthfulness. If only that shit were more fun!

I did realize today something that might make things maybe one or two molecules more fun: I almost never recreationally listen to music around the house during these periods of re-calibration, and today I listened to about 8 hours of Spotify even though it's the devil and even though there's a new Spotify commercial that is juuuuuuuuuuuust horrible and I have to hear it every 15 minutes or so. God, I'll explain it in a bit.

Anyway, music helped. Note to self.


P.S.: Other notes to self include

1. take vitamins (B1, C, and E)
2. turn off noise generators
3. clear the island off
4. stay out of bed
5. shave
6. go outside
7. walk/run/kick
8. don't worry about not sleeping


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