f, c, k.

I know we're not supposed to complain about the weather around here, but check this out: It's supposedly 6°C outside (that's 42°F, or 279.14 Kelvin!). My heat is turned off. Why is it 23.5°C (74°F) in my apartment? This is not a trick question...I really kind of want to know. The upside is that it smells really nice and wintry outside so having the windows open is working for me. So see? Not actually a complaint after all.

But what is that "wintry" smell exactly? Where does it come from? Or is it just the smell of coldness. I could Google this shit but I'm trying to be Productivity Boy today....

And oh yeah: I'm back in Doomsday Rehab! Just trying to survive until Doomsday really. Looking back over this year's Day Ones, I realize that I actually did sort of OK, I mean yeah except for that part where I gradually didn't.

Hey but I did learn one thing. To very thoroughly document the first couple of weeks of stopping AND then also learn from what I did last time. Which is what we're doing right now.

And so here's the part where we do it one more fucking time, although probably with less excessive documentation. Tonight: roasted cauliflower and trying not to re-break the oven. More temperature trouble: the oven seems to be operating at a much higher hotness level (?) than it says it is, and thus keeps blowing its safety valve or hotness fuse or whatever it is. Somewhere gods and/or goddesses of regulateable temperature are frowning upon apartment 100M.

(But would you really need more than one god or goddess of temperature though. I'd think one would be enough. Or maybe there already is more than one and that's exactly the problem. Deeeeeeeep Thoughts.)


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