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If, like me, you have a blog that has been going for a while, maybe you forget some things you've already blogged about and then blog about them again. I mean not the stuff about estranged friends dying, or general social incompetence, or veiled references to recurring problems...you tend to remember that stuff.

Nope I'm talkin' bout runner bean recipes. I make awesome runner beans (snijbonen in Dutch), in an Atlanta-meets-Paramaribo stylee. Soft and spicy is what I'd call them if that didn't sound completely gross. But they're great, and I never use a recipe, and for some reason I often completely forget that they're in my arsenal, or holster, or wherever I keep things to cook.

Here's the definitive reminder.


mark's really good runner beans. 

400gr runner beans, cut attractively
1 can of whole or chopped unseasoned tomatoes
1/2 cube of good, unspiced chicken or vegetable boullion
1/2 cup of water, or more, maybe a cup, enough for the beans to be submerged
1 healthy tbsp of surinamese sambal (javanese also works well, probably any sambal would work well)
1 tbsp butter

Combine all of this in a pot, cook until the beans are the consistency of, say, tagliatelle and the sauce is reduced, this took almost 90 minutes last time, but maybe I could've stopped after an hour.


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