me, mt, pah-ree, eventual-lee.

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So my little blast of research for those doomed twentysomethings was informative enough and thus enjoyable enough to remind me that I was vicariously traveling through them and that I should really try harder to travel in my own real life, money being the greatest obstacle to this, and thus, Note To Self, I should try harder to set aside some money to travel with.

This Paris trip is the kind of trip that will never ever happen unless I first research it and plan it, so I've decided that that's what I'm going to do, because it's stupid that it's so close and I've never been there: it's Paris. I don't know when we would go, but here's where the trip planning officially starts. 

I have another of these trips in mind too actually, one that also has no actual reality-based timeframe: Barcelona, specifically to see the Gaudi buildings. The watchword for both of these trips would be: pretty massive cheapness. Like 4 days tops, frills: none, and probably not til 2014, if the world's still here. But more on that later. 


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