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I'm starting to remember how this works: you read about a place and then get excited about/interested in visiting that place. It totally just happened with me and Barcelona. Why does it still refuse to happen with me and Paris? I canNOT get legitimately excited about the city of lights or whatever it's sometimes called.

Just a reminder: try to duplicate the now-closed Bar Inopia's pineapple + lime zest + molasses dessert.

Here's the Guardian's list of Barcelona tapas bars, I didn't see it til after I'd made my list, good to see there's at least a little overlap. Here's this too.


Quimet i Quimet. 
Known b/c of Bourdain, but sounds unmissable anyway. This is the place with the salmon and honey tapa. Almost everything comes from cans.


Montolio Can Maño Restaurant.
Pretty unknown and locals-oriented.

Paco Meralgo.
One of the few Sunday night options, mostly great but uneven reviews. Show up at 8:30pm to get a seat.

In the market, open at 8am. A "fish or meat?" place.

Kiosko Universal.

La Cova Fumada.

Bar Tomas.
Allegedly the best patatas bravas in town.

El Xampanyet.
Either get there at 11am or 7pm. Good cava, boquerones, lomo.

Cal Pep.
Get there by 7pm to wait in line for the bar (info). Sit at the bar, not in the back room. Is near Picatho museum so good to combine.

La Vinateria del Call.
Very old wine bar.


Klary said...

because, you're smart, and in spite of what everybody else says, Paris is just not that great.

MEM said...

this is heresy you realize this. but yes, this is kind of the premonition i'm getting about paris. but i can't officially form this opinion until i actually go there, dus...that's why i has to go.