Finally went to Vlaming (the eetcafe not the brasserie) on Friday night, and yes, it was everything everyone said it was going to be: a great eetcafe. In addition to it immediately becoming our new default non-pizza dinner out, I also totally see why tourists love this place the way they seem to on TripAdvisor: it's real, simple, home-cooked food, cooked well (well-seasoned and everything), in a chill but bustling room that's appropriately lit. Very amiable people behind the bar, and totally reasonable prices.

As you can see, we ate at the bar, and we had: steak with a mushroom/cream sauce; seared tuna with chuka wakame; frites 'n' mayo; pleasant-enough salad; above-average wine (malbec very good, pinotage meh); and the best sticky toffee pudding I've ever had. Ever. I'm licking the plate with my mind right now. Almost makes me want to have a real job so I could do this all the damn time. Heyyyyy.....maybe I could get a job licking plates with my mind!!!

Seriously I would go back for that dessert again right now.


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