white radish.

It's quite a challenge to use up a whole daikon when you're cooking for one. One person I mean. Luckily I was totally out of other food, so I had to improvise, and lo, behold, etc: this came out totally satisfyingly for a light snack. I was trying to think of another Japanese flavor that would've been nice here. Pickled ginger would've been my first choice but we were out. Could've gone totally wrong anyway, this was fine. Proportions are, as always, approximate.


daikon, smoked mackerel, horseradish salad.

1 cup daikon, cubed smallish
200 grams smoked mackerel filets, shredded
2 tbsp prepared horseradish
apple vinegar to taste
a little stevia or sugar to taste, or an apple, cubed
optionally, 2 tbsp of sweet onion, chopped

Combine, eat immediately.


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