small fry.

Last night (was it really only last night?) I did something highly unusual: I had frites. Not just any frites, but "the healthiest frites in the Netherlands", according to some kind of scientific survey/poll/test thingie.

More details as soon as I feel like parsing Googled info, but just know that the place I'm talking about is Bram Ladage at Utrecht's hideously mallish central station. Thus, neither of the places mentioned in the above video. In the four seconds of Googling I did do, I found out a couple of irrelevant but stimulating things.

For example? Well, there's a relatively new food item sweeping the nation, and it's called a frietje kapsalon that consists of frites, lamb or pork shoarma, garlic sauce, Gouda cheese, and sriracha or similar sambal. All baked/reheated like a lasagna. And then they pile lettuce on top. I would imagine this dish is also known as Imminent Naptime. It looks like this, which is not especially appetizing, and yet somehow I find myself thinking about this dish more than I would like....


But back to my regular old frites. And? And? How were they. They were....salty, almost too much so, but not. Nicely crispy. Good, solid frites, worth having. Would have liked just a little better mayonnaise and actual Heinz ketchup, but....still above average. I think my favorite part was watching the guy peel and cut real potatoes at lightning fast speed and then when he got to the bottom of the pile he was working on, he yelled out "that's it", as in, they were out of potatoes, and the cashier said "Good, I'm ready to go home", and they closed up shop after another 30 minutes or so.

Now, as penance, I'm making a vegetarian version of that daikon/chicken soup I did last month, which has now been turned into a real recipe, by an actual food writer, by which I mean it now has accuracy and coherence going for it as well as deliciosity.


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